Waterfall thermal gluing machine


The precision of the innovative electromechanics system of support feeding permits to control tenth of millimeter, to set higher speeds, and to use smaller engine with lower energy needs.

Programming the feeding measures is very simple, the operator input is guided by clear pictures on the touch screen panel.

The variation in the dimensions of the samples to glue is no more a problem thanks to the easiness to change the clamp.

The need of a precise control of the heater temperature, stated from the very beginning of the project, lead to realize an heating system well insulated to avoid heat drain and to save electric energy, hating time and working temperature.

The programmable timer allows automatically to switch on the heater before the beginning of the shift, this permits to start immediately the production.


  • Dimension (WxHxD): 150cm x 153cm x 80cm
  • Thermal coupling area (WxD): 90cm x 5cm
  • Pressing area (WxD): 90cm x from 1cm up to 5cm


Technical characteristics

  • Time pressure: Programmable terminal operator
  • Progress: Programmable terminal operator
  • Temperature: From environment temperature up to 250°C
  • Temperature regulation: By PLC
  • Heating power: 1,5 Kw
  • Progress speed: Controled by inverter